The fast and mourning of Tisha B'av is upon us. How often does it really cross our minds as to the fact that we are in a horrible place=golus. When will moshiac come? is a phrase we use when things are going wrong...why not always?! Just because one has a prosperous life and undefeated dreams, do we just let live of the fact that we are still here? Isn't it for the same reason that we were brought into this place because of it? We must act in prayer on tisha b'av and daven that Hashem release us from this peril to enjoy the pure bliss that Moshiac is said to offer us!! Please Hashem hear our tefillos and let us see the light of your glory in your Bais Hamikdash!!!

IT HAS been such a long time...please everyone take the time to daven for the families that just lost those israeli men in Bulgaria...hoping that HASHEM will take us out of this golus soon!! My neighbor recently passed away, her name was Carol Becofsky she was a non-frum Jew but still a kind soul. I hope her family is taking her leaving as a sign to DAVEN for all of us to go back home to YERUSHALAYIM!! (check out blogs----> new one added: "out of the ortho box" by Ruchi Sobel Indich Kovel! -great blog...) will be adding it soon to the 'blogs i follow' on the right panel...
    There seems to have been a lot going on, when I wasn't around...here's an update. Had myself wrack (excuse my grammar) my brain for any new article pieces I could write. I am a freelance writer and it only made sense to write more pieces. So there's that. I also found out a lot of people are engaged-MAZAL TOV TO ALL OF YOU. There is a wedding coming up-a friend's sister...I seemed to have forgotten Pesach...yeah...it was fun...sorry to see it go-BTW does anyone else notice that there are more matzoh crumbs after Pesach than bread crumbs before Pesach??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! 
    There is new headline news-you know guys-elections coming up...and all that-never be intimidated by your fellow voters-VOTE FOR WHO YOU THINK IS RIGHT!!
Okay, as everyone knows, Pesach-The cleanliest of all Holidays is coming up in like two and a half weeks and I am still saying to myself: "Leora, get up, clean, sweep, dusk, vacume, you need to do your part..." How come I haven't started yet? All I can ever think about is how tired I am getting when the very thought of Pesach Cleaning/Turning Over is upon us...I simply am exhausted...
There is no reason for me to be, though. I have an enormous amount of energy when it comes to Shabbos Cleaning or organizing my book shelf and papers, clutches and shoes according to their alphabetical order and/or designer...I don't know what is wrong with me...How can one get in the Pesach "MOOD"???!!!?!
I will NOT describe what exactly happened, but, Baruch Hashem, I am alright and it was not something too major or dangerous...no details needed here since I will be as modest about it as I can...it was frightening, shocking and utterly and undenyably DISGUSTING. I will caution all of you to always walk in crowded areas, carry mace/pepper spray, always be alert, never wear too much makeup or too short of a skirt, and definitely DON'T keep quiet...YELL, SCREAM, SHOUT...always carry around a cell phone-even if it breaks, pretend you are on the phone with someone...keep safe, always be b'shalom and stay alert, no matter who, where, or how or why...
So, it isn't such a tremendous deal, but yes, today I turn 18. It feels pretty Ok I guess, and I am in a Happy place in my life so, Thank You, Hashem!!
Hey Everyone: Sheva, Mommy, Rita, Sara Bina, Shmuel Chaim, Chana, Babula...and the rest of you-love you all...you're the best!
Ok, ok, it is useful...arms are up and I was wrong, facebook is quite fun...Yes, it does take up a LOT of your time, but I use it and love it...(Sorry FB for the previous crack) People, don't dispense personal info, though...
I used to play cops and robbers with this girl and now she is engaged!! I am going out of my mind with joy! She is the first person that is a friend and not related to me to have gotten engaged. Vort was last night and soooooo beautiful I am so happy for her. 
                                                           Chana and Yaakov Meir, 
                                                       Mazel Tov and ALL THE BEST.